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Mighty Purse | Power Bank

Fusing fashion with tech the Mighty Purse is a Power Bank in a gorgeous bag

Containing a discreet, light, yet powerful rechargeable battery, the Mighty Purse lets you charge your device on the go, without compromising on style. Running out of battery on your phone is annoying, especially as it seems to happen just when we need it most, but thanks to the Mighty Purse you can charge your phone on-the-go without compromising on style.With a 4000mAh battery the Mighty Purse gives you two full charges of a Smartphone, once the power has been used you simply recharge the bag via a computer USB port or plug. 

Since its launch it has received a phenomenal response across the globe and been featured on national TV and in national and international newspapers, magazines and websites, and new styles and designs are added with each season to ensure you have a Mighty Purse to match the latest addition to your wardrobe. 




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