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Environmental Responsibilities

Weee Regulations 2006

Focus Multimedia Limited takes its responsibilities under the WEEE Regulations extremely seriously and has taken steps to be compliant in line with our corporate and social responsibilities. In the UK, Focus Multimedia has joined a registered compliance scheme WeeeCare (WeeeCare registration number WEE/MP3538PZ/SCH)

Focus’ Registration number is 243651.

Disposal and Recycling of old equipment

Household consumers

Electrical and electronic equipment should never be disposed of with general household waste but must be separately collected for the proper treatment and recovery.  

The crossed-out bin symbol, placed on the product, reminds you of the need to dispose of the product correctly at the end of its life.

In this way you will assist in the recovery, recycling and reuse of many of the materials used in this product.

When buying a new product (in replacement for an end of life product) you will have the possibility to return, free of charge, the end of life product that has fulfilled the same functions as the supplied equipment.



These items may be returned to us at the following FREEPOST address: -

Focus Multimedia Limited





WS15 1LH


With your help it is possible to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic waste ending up in landfill and to improve quality of life by preventing the release of potentiallyhazardous substances into the environment.


Provision of free take-back relating to distance sellers.


A distance seller (e.g. an internet retailer, a mail order retailer or a tele-sales retailer) also needs to fulfil their obligation of providing take-back facilities for consumers of EEE. This can be done by:


Joining the Distributor Take-back Scheme which assists in funding a national network of collection facilities; or

Providing the customer with an alternative local route for take-back. The distributor must tell his customers how they can dispose of WEEE, e.g. through their mail-order adverts, on-screen during on-line sales, and/or through leaflets included with purchases.


In order to return an item of WEEE under these regulations when you are purchasing an equivalent item from us please call 01889 570156. 


Consumers; Frequently asked questions

Do these regulations oblige me to dispose of WEEE separately?

The WEEE Regulations do not require household users to dispose of electrical and electronic equipment in a certain way. However, you are strongly encouraged to dispose of WEEE separately from household waste and make use of the collection facilities provided under the Regulations. 

Separate collection of WEEE allows it to be recycled, saving energy and resources and avoiding hazardous materials from going to landfill.


Do I have to pay to get rid of WEEE?

Householders are entitled to take-back WEEE for recycling free of charge. Distributors must offer a free method of getting rid of WEEE being replaced, either by signposting to a collection facility they support through their membership of the Distributor Take-back Scheme, or an alternative free take-back service. A charge can be made for bulky waste collection services from Local Authorities or for “collection on delivery services” from retailers. The Regulations do not entitle householders to a free collection of old electrical items.


Will someone collect my WEEE from me?

The WEEE Regulations do not entitle you to free collection of WEEE. Retailers, producers and your Local Authority may offer collection services, but they may charge for this service.

You can find your nearest collection facility from the Recycle-More website –www.recycle-more.co.uk.


Business Users


1st July 2007 saw the introduction of the WEEE Regulations 2006 and this will have a major impact on the way we deal with end of life electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in the UK.


From that date the producer (manufacturer or importer) of the equipment has a duty to collect treat and recycle products which they have put on the market. This means that our business customers will be able to dispose of equipment in an environmentally friendly way, often free of charge

The rules concerning what can and cannot be collected, who will pay for it, who will collect it and where it will be disposed of are complex and that is why we have decided to make things as simple as possible for our customers


Which WEEE is what? 

1. If the equipment is marked with a crossed out wheelie bin with a bar underneath then it is the responsibility of the producer who manufactured or imported it. 

It is a legal requirement to display this symbol on all EEE placed on the market after the 13 August 2005

2. If there is no wheelie bin there are two possibilities, either it will be the responsibility of you, the end user, or if you have purchased a direct replacement for the item it will be the responsibility of the manufacturer who is supplying the NEW equipment

3. All producers of equipment should by now have joined a Compliance Scheme and it is the schemes who will organise to collect treat and recycle the end of life equipment from the end users.


Focus Multimedia Limited is a member of the WeeeCare Compliance Scheme


To arrange a collection of any waste electrical equipment, obligated to Focus Multmedia, please telephone WeeeCare on 0844 8002004

To find out more about WeeeCare visit the Environmental Agency site.

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